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Introducing Our New Writer Camilo

28 Sept 2021

Cumulus would like to welcome Camilo Mejia to our team. Having previously worked both locally and overseas as a journalist, copywriter and photographer, Camilo brings another unique perspective to our growing studio.

Although new to the world of architecture, Camilo has always had a keen appreciation for good design ideas and spaces. He particularly enjoys simple, minimalistic design — the kind that allows your mind to pause, analyse, and notice the small details.

He tends to approach both his writing and design work through a similar lens, drawing inspiration from writers who rarely use superfluous words and can convey complex ideas through sparse, well-structured prose.

Beyond his recent discovery of Soviet-era brutalist structures (thanks Instagram), Camilo’s favourite built spaces tend to be libraries — such as the Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City and the Kadokawa Cultural Museum outside of Tokyo. Whether at these spots, or at a council library down the road, he likes how libraries act as centres of knowledge and create spaces that give people an immediate break from the outside world.

Camilo has a bachelor’s degree in international relations (Flinders University), and postgraduate diplomas in creative writing (University of Adelaide) and journalism (Murdoch University).


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