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Meet Camilla Tierney

12 May 2021

Camilla joined our Melbourne studio in mid 2021 after working in various locations around Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle & Melbourne.

With a variety of project experience from small scale residential through to large scale multi-residential and a range of sectors in between we know her skillset is well suited to life at Cumulus. Camilla is a great communicator and utilises this skill when teaching Architecture Practice at University of Melbourne.

Camilla shares that the most influential project she has been involved in during her career so far was working pro-bono for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and making a significant contribution to their organisation. Another architectural highlight for Camilla was being a part of an Aalto expedition in Finland where she was able to experience the buildings she studied in University, standing in the spaced and understanding how and why they are so influential will be a lasting memory.

When Camilla is not at work she enjoys sewing, baking, live music and catching up with good friends while enjoying Australian wines and cheese.

We appreciate Camilla’s calm, intelligent and considered approach to all things Cumulus and know she is going to make a big impact on our team.

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