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Meet Our New Designer Kylie Harvey

31 Jan 2022

New year, new Cumulus team members. We welcome our new designer Kylie to our Launceston office.

Having recently completed her Master of Architecture at the University of Tasmania — where she received the institution’s top graduate award — Kylie comes to Cumulus with extensive experience as a building designer in both New South Wales and Tasmania.

Her past work includes projects of varying scales and spans designs in the residential and commercial sectors. With a fresh perspective on architecture, Kylie combines a pragmatic approach with a considered use of sustainable materials and a passion for creating connected, thoughtful spaces.

Inspired by the Alhambra complex in southern Spain, Kylie understands how both the sequence of spaces and their relation to the surrounding landscape can create the sense of a journey for the people who experience them.

Her keen interest in the outdoors and focus on sustainability drives her to find new environmentally friendly solutions for our built environments, from building performance to water use, to minimising unnecessary materials and waste.

Welcome to the team Kylie!

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