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Thousand Lakes Lodge named in Lonely Planet’s top 3

1 Nov 2017

Thousand Lakes Lodge has been named in Lonely Planet’s Top 3 for Best New Places To Stay in 2018 globally. The lodge is located in Lake Augusta in the Central Highlands. The project involved the revival of a derelict former Antarctic training facility destined for demolition.

In keeping with best environmental practices, the design of Thousand Lakes Lodge is focused on minimal site impact. To achieve this, Cumulus Studio designed all of the new uses of the site to be constructed within the existing building envelope. Minimal work has been undertaken to the exterior of the building. This is a deliberate response to emphasise the contrast between the new interior and the existing exterior – the distressed condition a testament to the harsh environment in which the building is located. Much of the project involved consultation with various building performance consultants to integrate new services, thermal and acoustic treatments to the existing building to meet current building requirements

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