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Welcome Ned Daniels

10 July 2021

Ned joined the Cumulus team in 2021 as a design assistant, he is currently in his third year studying a Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments at UTAS.

“A lot of my life seems to revolve around looking at pretty things, making pretty things, and realising ugly things are pretty also. While this is not a particularly deep revelation, I think it speaks to the impact that one’s environment has on their perception; questioning the ability we have to control it. Dealing with quite severe anxiety during my teenage years, I came to realise the impact the built environment had on one’s psyche also; a rather physical manifestation of feng shui, and an inspiration to design with the individual in mind.”

Ned grew up with a passion for being creative and trying new things, he feels as though architecture is a perfect blend between art and academia, Ned explains “a profession that values collaboration, research, creativity and growth … it sounds like a dream, but it is becoming my reality.” Cumulus has such a wide breadth of projects across a variety of industries which drew Ned to the studio as he sees it as an opportunity to gain insight and interactions across such broad range.

When it comes to hobbies and enjoying time outside of his busy work and studying life Ned seems to have an endless supply of rotating activities. His passion currently is indoor gardening, “what originated from attempting to keep one plant alive in my student accommodation quickly evolved into studying ceramics to create bespoke pots and collecting rare plants in the midst of a looming pandemic. I now live in an indoor jungle – waking hours dictated by the unforgiving schedule of my many grow lights” Ned elaborates. The hobbies don’t end there, Ned also loves connecting with friends, exploring in nature, playing video games as well as immersing in any form of art.

Before Cumulus and university, Ned ran an Instagram account (@neds_edits) that emerged from playing around with Photoshop and photography, then stumbling into social media management and freelance work with a range of once unimaginable opportunities. Ned talks about the opportunities that opened through his social platform, “In addition to the friends and connections I made along the way, I credit these experiences with showing me the opportunities are there if you try to reach them. You might grab something else too!“.

We are delighted to have Ned as a part of the Cumulus team.

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