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Welcome to the Team Anastasia

20 Jan 2021

Anastasia started her journey at Cumulus as an intern after being a recipient of the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia. Currently completing her final year of the Master of Architecture at UniSA, Anastasia has always had a passion to create.

Anastasia strives to design and create work, which is usable, delightful, and most importantly, meaningful. Her goal is to have people entrust in her creative ability, meticulous consideration and expertise to bring their visions to life.

One of Anastasia’s fondest experiences was taking part in an eco-tourism accommodation project in Port Resolution on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. The project involved helping the local community to generate income to educate their children, retain ownership of their land and culture while creating replicable and sustainable tourist facilities for other ni-Vanuatu communities. As an aspiring architect, Anastasia believes she has the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives. It is her passion and ambition to enhance the quality of human life by designing sustainable and beautiful spaces.”

Anastasia approaches design by beginning with the user then follows a rigorous process of development and refinement. Her passion for architecture started early, as a child Anastasia was intrigued as to how buildings were constructed, how the designer of the built environment can have an impact on people and the world around us. It also provided an opportunity to be creative each day.

Outside of her Architecture life Anastasia enjoys spending time with her loved ones, she has a strong connection to her Greek heritage. One of her loves is traditional Greek dancing, Anastasia has performed at various Greek and multicultural events both locally and interstate. Anastasia now teaches children which brings her enjoyment as she has a strong interest in helping the next generation of young Greek Australians connect to their cultural identity.

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