Welcome to the team Matt

28 Feb 2021

At Cumulus we have welcomed a number of new team members recently as our business continues to grow, so we thought we should take the time to introduce one of our new Senior Architect, Matt Reynolds.

Matt joined our Launceston studio in late 2020 after relocating from Sydney. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge, over 25 years of experience and an approach which is anything but boring.

Matt approaches design challenges from the inside out. He thinks first about how people will use the space, erring on the ‘form follows function’ bent. Timelessness is a crucial consideration in Matt’s practice. He is concerned about project longevity, from design intent to construction techniques. By thinking long term, he hopes to reduce impact on our fragile environment.

When the working week is over you might find Matt drawing, painting or kitting out his 4WD during weekends away exploring the great outdoors – always looking for new inspiration.

We love having Matt’s enthusiasm, positive attitude and seriously good fashion in our offices, he has added a wonderful dynamic to our team.