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Graduate of Architecture

B.ArchStud, M.Arch
Adelaide Studio

Anastasia completed her Master of Architecture at the University of South Australia in 2021. She first joined our studio as an intern after being awarded the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia during her fourth year of study.

Drawing on her passion for creating sustainable and engaging spaces that promote community connection, Anastasia’s wide ranging conceptual design work includes multi-residential projects addressing the stresses of population growth in our cities, interactive art spaces for children promoting self-awareness and growth, and high-density buildings that weave art and architecture to create healthy environments in an intra-COVID world.

Her meticulous and considered approach to design, and knowledge of all stages of construction, has been shaped by her hands-on experience on local and international university-led projects, including building replicable and sustainable tourist accommodation for communities in Vanuatu.

Now based in our Adelaide office as a graduate of architecture, Anastasia has collaborated with our teams on residential designs well as our first South Australian tourism projects — Ponderosa and Wellington Marina.

Anastasia Mavrides

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