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Architect / Associate

B.DesSt, B.Arch (Hons)
Registered Architect TAS
Hobart Studio

A bit of perspective distills ideas; offers clarity. So it’s no wonder Andrew finds big, sprawling landscapes inspire his work. A fossilised seashell on top of an enormous mountain has a way of helping you understand just how old our planet is, and our space within that realm.

Andrew’s portfolio of projects includes large-scale commercial, education and multi-residential work for studios in Brisbane, London and Tasmania. He likes to see buildings sustainably made with longevity in mind.

Andrew works closely with clients to channel honesty and purpose in all his designs. He’s never been a fan of unnecessary details. For Andrew, a strong concept shouldn’t need add-ons to make it interesting. Stripped back doesn’t mean somber, mind. Andrew feels buildings should always have an element of joy. Good architecture can (and should) be a lot of fun.

After hours, Andrew will be found outdoors. Most often surfing, or perhaps rock climbing. Or simply spending time in the garden, set to the soft hum of his resident bees.

Andrew Geeves

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