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Senior Architect

B.EnvDes, Grad Dip Arch
Registered Architect TAS
Hobart Studio

Andrew nearly missed his calling completely. He was intent on going surfing after he finished Matric. That is, until his architect father shoved some forms in front of him and said, ‘Sign here’. 

Now, Andrew is arguably one of Tasmania’s most experienced architects, with an encyclopedic knowledge to show for it. Andrew’s practice spans 35 years across Australia and the UK, giving him an enviable knack for large-scale contract management and construction methodologies. He’s a fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects and well-recognised for a number of major Tasmanian Education, Healthcare and Heritage design projects. As a dedicated mentor, Andrew also provides invaluable practical assistance to our team of graduates, registered architects and designers.

Andrew’s ideal brief is concise, unambiguous and offers a chance to explore. Adolf Loos' philosophy that 'ornament is a crime' resonates with his minimalist style. He believes in the real life impact of good design and champions the architect’s role in shaping urban environments. Punk era London and Chicago, where Andrew reckons even the bad buildings are good, offer particular architectural inspiration.

A keen muso, you’ll find Andrew listening to anything from 16th century choral, to Norwegian Black Metal, to the best 70s to 80s punk albums.

Andrew Grimsdale

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