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Studio Assistant

Dip L/ship & Mgt, B.BusAdmin
Launceston Studio

Based in our Launceston office but collaborating with teams across all our studios, Anna focuses on everything from coordinating logistics and systems management to assisting our project managers with consultant and client engagement. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Tasmania as well as a diploma in Leadership and Management from TAFE.

Drawing on her previous roles in marketing, administration, sales, and hospitality, Anna’s work is grounded by both her efficiency and passion for the constant improvement of organisational systems and processes. To Cumulus, she brings a unique perspective shaped by distinctive experiences in different contexts and cultures.

Since joining our studio in 2021, Anna’s immersion into the world of architecture has developed her eye for the small details in designs, the angles, colours, the choices, adding to her deep fascination for historical structures — such as the Montmartre in Paris and the Cologne Cathedral.

Anna Alvis

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