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Architect / Associate

B.EnvDes, B.Arch
Registered Architect TAS
Hobart Studio

Claire knew early on she’d follow a path full of invention, imagination and meaningful change. And she knew she wanted her work to reshape a better climate. Fast forward, and Claire still loves learning and being engaged with the world at large. As a person who’s ‘into everything’, she thrives in a place where ideas flow freely.

Claire has travelled across Europe and North America, working along the way in large and boutique studios across shopping centres, law courts, homes and hotels. She loves spaces that challenge the way we live and create unity between architecture and the natural landscape. In 2019, Claire’s tenacity was recognised with a Project Contribution award at 2019 NAWIC Tasmania, for her outstanding contribution to the adaptive reuse of a 1970s commercial office building into a contemporary 72 room hotel. 

There’s always an opportunity to make something beautiful out of something ordinary in Claire’s approach. For design inspiration, Alvar Aalto’s door handle wrapped in leather is never too far from her mind. It acts as a sage reminder of how simple yet singular details can have a thoughtful impact. 

As a natural born organiser and a person who always finishes things, Claire is a mentor for many in the Tasmanian Architecture community. She’s a firm believer in sharing the importance of good design and how it improves our lives. As Cumulus’s lead on quality assurance, Claire is a fount of contract administration knowledge. At our studio, she’s been instrumental in establishing an open, supportive working environment, where nothing is off limits.

Claire Austin

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