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Interior Designer

B.DesInt (HONS)

Claudia graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 2015. As an experienced interior designer, Claudia has worked on several commercial, education, aged care, and multi-residential projects, including the extension of John Paul College’s Kindergarten in Brisbane and the large-scale Flinders Bank precinct development in Melbourne.

Since joining Cumulus, Claudia has collaborated closely with our teams across Tasmania and brought her diverse experience to notable tourism projects like the Devil’s Corner Winery expansion and the Telegraph Hotel in Hobart.

Claudia’s open approach to interior design allows her to look beyond the idea of a fixed style or concept to form considered, bespoke responses to each space and environment. Her focus on materiality, colour, and attention to fine tuning an interior’s minute layers, helps her marry a design’s micro and macro aspects — resulting in spaces that leave a positive and lasting impression on the people who experience them.

Claudia Reinhardt

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