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Architect / Associate

B.Arch (Dist), M.Arch (High Dist)
Registered Architect VIC
Melbourne studio

Edwina’s typical work day consists of seriousness, smiles and sunlight. She hasn't ever worked on a bad brief. In fact, whatever brief she’s currently working on tends to be her all-time favourite. 

Edwina’s varied experience includes a wide range of private and multi-residential projects. In 2016, she took a sabbatical to assist with the design and construction of a remote multi-cabin project on a small island in northern Norway. The ambition of a resourceful Norwegian jazz saxophonist, the project won numerous international awards including the Architizer A+ People’s Choice award for Concept – Architecture + Landscape. 

Described as ‘zany and strategic’ by her colleagues, Edwina enjoys thinking about architecture from multiple perspectives - the urban, the site, the object and the detail. Then, after hours, she enjoys messy hobbies like pottery and painting.

Edwina would love to see more diverse people making the decisions about the spaces we live, dwell, and work within. She is a respected, active voice in the Victorian architecture community, most recently volunteering as co-curator of PROCESS. Edwina has also taught Architectural Design at Melbourne and Monash universities and enjoys instilling confidence in the next generation.

Not many professions allow you to wander through something you’ve worked on. But that, along with the problem-solving keeps Edwina completely hooked. The most inspiring place she’s ever visited is the early Bond film-esque Boa Noa tea house by Alvaro Siza. You walk up an external stair and the horizon of the sea appears as a stair tread. And, for just a split second, you feel you could walk on water.

Edwina Brisbane

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