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Designer /
Architectural Technician

Sydney Studio

Josh’s architectural approach is imaginative but packed with clever foresight. Whether leading large community project planning or residential design builds, Josh is detail-oriented and driven by a desire to be more sustainable. He minimalises his concepts where possible to focus on a project's core objectives. And he enjoys working with existing structures to repurpose their valuable embodied energy.

Josh would love to see Australian architecture become more stylistically defined. With our extraordinary landscape, he’d welcome more inventive approaches to both our climate and uniquely Australian sites. 

A visit to New Zealand’s South Island, whether winter or spring, inspires Josh’s practice. A drive through Arthur's Pass, disappearing amidst the sheer magnitude of mountains fills him full of fresh ideas. 

Josh is intentional with his time and believes it’s more valuable than anything else life can give you. He spends his with family, the people he loves, or picking up a decent cup of coffee.

Josh Fair

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