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Architect / Associate

B.EnvDes, M.Arch (Hons)
Registered Architect TAS
Hobart Studio

Liz admires work that gathers people, that holds them. Her approach to architecture questions the notion of luxury. How can you create a generous ceiling height or street edge? How much would you value the luxury of walking to work? Of sunlight?

She brings a world of contradictions and contrasts to her work. On the one hand, there are fun textures, patterns and eclectic compositions. On the other, order and alignment. Liz finds impact in juxtaposition; high and low, rough and smooth.

Liz’s wide-ranging experience covers small domestic projects, childcare and tourism. Alongside her Cumulus work, her independent work with partner, Alex Nielsen, is widely recognised. In 2015, their conversion of a dilapidated 1829 Hobart Horse Stable won top prize at the AIA National Awards for both Small Project Architecture and an award for Heritage Architecture. In 2019, their small footprint apartment project ‘The Bae’ won the AIA National Award for Interior Architecture too.

Through detailed design exploration and concept development, Liz creates trusting, engaged client relationships. 

She hopes building and architecture might see a similar shift to the fashion industry. A move away from the fast, cheap and flimsy towards a focus on quality, natural fibres and a long lifetime.

You’ll find Liz busy at work hours before 9am, surrounded by plants, natural light, samples and textures. After hours, she loves the intimacy of textile design and knitting. And the adaptability to spontaneously change the pattern if something’s not working. A touch easier when it’s wool instead of steel, after all.

Liz Walsh

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