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Associate / Architect / Residential Team Manager

B.BEnv, B.Arch, M.Arch
Launceston Studio

Lucia is an Associate and Cumulus' Residential Team Manager. Lucia is based in the Launceston studio and working primarily as a residential architect.  Lucia’s respect and hope for people, context and the natural environment drives her practice. She aspires to create work that responds to the climate crisis, has a low impact on the natural world, and inspires its inhabitants to reflect, slow down and connect with country and community. 

In the face of the climate crisis, Lucia takes the prospect of building something new as a privilege that comes with deep responsibility and care.

Lucia naturally forms strong, inclusive relationships with her clients and builders. These open, dynamic interactions create a project team that can resolve issues, push boundaries and make the most out of the opportunity to build and create.

Lucia has been a strong advocate for sustainability within Cumulus since she began her role with the practice in 2020. 

She has been pivotal in guiding the practice towards setting meaningful targets for operational and embodied carbon in their projects, creating and implementing the practice’s Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) and being involved in reaching BCorp certification.

Lucia has recently been appointed to a voluntary role in the National Residential Sustainability Advisory Group (NRSAG) within the Australian Institute of Architects. This role sees Lucia actively advocating for change within the legislative frameworks that control and monitor the built environment in Australia.

Lucia’s previous roles include Lead Architect at Happy Haus, Brisbane, and she’s also been a Tutor and Research Assistant at the UTAS School of Architecture and Design. In 2009, she completed an internship at Atelier Bow Wow, Tokyo, which embedded progressive design approaches within her own practice. Lucia remains fascinated by Japan’s built and natural environment.

She likes to work in a place where creativity is fostered, food is shared, sun can be felt, and sneakers can be worn.

Lucia Wellington

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