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Interior Design Lead

B.EnvDes, M.Arch
Hobart studio

Lucy finds inspiration in an unlikely place: record shops. Here, she’s transported into other worlds as she digs through different genres and eras. Kind of like when you get stuck into a really good book, it kickstarts her creative process and allows her to approach her practice from a non-linear perspective.

Architecture gives Lucy an opportunity to work on something beautiful but useful. A narrative-led approach informs her practice. She loves it when a brief with a good story to tell lands on her desk. It’s often the best way to elicit a meaningful response.

With an interest in interior spatial design, Lucy has worked across Australia and the UK, including experience as a Senior Product Designer for high profile companies within the airline and luxury amenity industries. Lucy would like to see more sustainable materials over the ‘fad’, accompanied by more education about where those materials have come from. 

Greenery surrounds Lucy, both at her own desk and in her practice. She spends a lot of time bushwalking when she’s not at work, and brings elements of the outdoors to her approach. Lucy always seeks to maximise or frame landscape views and integrate planting where possible to break down the barrier between the interior and exterior.

Lucy Watts

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