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Senior Architect

B.ArchDes, M.Arch
Registered Architect VIC
Hobart Studio

Luke was drawn to architecture’s expressiveness. How spaces flow and unravel, for example. Or how the user experiences the journey. His dream brief would be a museum, gallery or any space shaped by form and composition. 

Luke’s education and health sector work is recognisable for its fluid and organic form. With his proficient technical knowledge, he’s adept at developing complex geometric building elements with a considered approach. 

He was previously a Senior Design Architect at McBride Charles Ryan in Melbourne and has led large scale projects both in Australia and remotely from Indonesia. His progressive concepts are often driven by new materials and emerging technologies. 

In high school, Luke could be found avidly sketching up everything from house plans, to fun-box-filled skateparks. Fast forward to graduation, and after travelling through Europe with its majestic historical buildings, Luke felt sure architecture was the right path for him.

The Sydney Opera House inspires Luke’s expressive approach. He particularly admires the eloquent composition, interior volumes and challenges evidently overcome. Luke similarly pushes ambitious projects ahead with research, modelling and creativity. But despite his high achievements, his humble nature keeps him striving for more.

Luke Waldron

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