Senior Architect

B.BEnv (Arch), B.Arch
Registered Architect TAS
Launceston Studio

Matt’s an outgoing recluse, an oxymoron that informs his architectural practice. His designs might reflect a desire for cosy cocoons alongside the avant garde. But one thing remains constant. He creates places that are considered, calming and leave a lasting impression.

A practitioner for 25 years, Matt’s experience ranges across scales and sectors. Most recently he focused on the Sports and Entertainment industry at Populous, Sydney. Keen to get his hands dirty, he’s also renovated two of his own units to the accolade of national design awards.

Matt approaches design challenges from the inside out. He thinks first about how people will use the space, erring on the ‘form follows function’ bent. His approach is anything but boring, unless, of course, that was the intention.

Timelessness is a crucial consideration in Matt’s practice. He’s concerned about project longevity, from design intent to construction techniques. By thinking long-term, he hopes to reduce impact on our fragile environment. Matt would like to see Australian home builders consider orientation and passive environmental design instead of the endemic 'bigger is better' attitude. He’d also like to see government investment in public buildings to make them a benchmark rather than a race to the bottom at tender.

In younger years, Matt might have tried to ‘fit in’, but with maturity came the confidence to be himself without worry of judgement. When work is done, you might find him drawing, painting, or kitting out his 4WD for weekends away exploring the great outdoors.

Matt Reynolds