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Sydney studio

Adil graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from New Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University in 2017 and is currently undertaking his Master of Architecture at the University of Sydney.

His international experience as a designer and project lead allowed him to work on a range of education, residential, social housing, and tourism projects in culturally and historically significant regions of India, including the Mehrangarh Visitors Centre within the Mehrangarh Fort complex in Rajasthan and on concept designs for sustainable housing for migrants in Mumbai. As with other notable designs, these projects were aimed at creating a passive and sympathetic response to the local context and climate.

For his own designs, Adil draws inspiration from a project’s immediate context as well as his considered engagement with the surrounding local communities — understanding the tectonics of vernacular construction practices, and the cultural and tactile sensibilities of local building materials.

With a focus on critical regionalism as a medium to achieve sustainable design that meets the needs of the local community in and around the context, Adil's work aims to understand the past while simultaneously addressing the needs of the future.

Mohammad Adil Hussain

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