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Director /
Principal Architect

B.EnvDes, B.Arch (Hons) 
Registered Architect TAS
Hobart Studio

Peter uses design to better understand the world around him. Insatiably curious, he sees each project as a chance to dive into something new, be it place, culture, material or experience. For Peter, architecture is best practiced with a light-hearted, playful and open mindset.

He believes architecture is as much art and poetics as it is engineering or construction and is inspired to create spaces that evoke an emotional response. Peter has always been interested in philosophy, and felt drawn to create spaces that communicate, reinforce and support values - whether they be those of a person, business or culture.

Awarded nationally and internationally for his high profile tourism project portfolio, Peter’s work  includes transforming sensitive heritage sites like Pumphouse Point and The Apple Shed as well as new projects such as Saffire or Devil’s Corner.  His work always has a clear, central idea which informs each design and construction decision. Peter is a past winner of the Timber Design Association’s Timber Awards, the Tasmanian Emerging Architect Prize and a graduate of the RAIA/Dulux Study Tour program for Emerging Architects. 

He does his best work late at night with room to think, fuelled by challenges, feedback and others’ ideas earlier in the day. And with the promise of a good single malt close to hand.

Peter Walker

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