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Associate / Residential Design Lead

B.EnvDes, B.Arch (Hons)
Launceston Studio

Phil likes to look for the less obvious solution but his design approach puts simplicity first. A clear, original idea is behind each of his projects, with diagrams and models guiding his practice from inception.

As one of our most experienced residential designers, Phil has led a number of award-winning new build, heritage and extension projects. His detailed understanding of building methodology and significant heritage experience is highly sought after when the team grapples with ambitious new design concepts.

Phil believes in using enduring building materials in interesting and resourceful ways. He’s not hoodwinked by materials masquerading as better, faster or cheaper and prefers to rely on those proven to work.

In architecture, he seeks more economy, resourcefulness and reliance on local materials and industry. He’d like to see less of the unsustainably large and more of the small and well-crafted. He finds Africa, from the Skeleton Coast to Zanzibar, particularly inspiring for its marked contrast to Australia.

Phil likes to get his hands dirty on site, and after hours he’s a serial home-improver. When he’s not running around the house with power tools, he’s usually out in the wilderness chasing trout.

Phil Ackerly

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