Architect / Associate

B.EnvDes, M.Arch
Registered Architect TAS
Launceston Studio

Fewer, better. Design before footprint. Less serious, more playful. And always keep your desk tidy. Just a peep into Pippa’s working ethos.

Behind each of Pippa’s projects, you’ll find intention. She really thinks through the problem she’s trying to solve and investigates how architects as a collective can best integrate their work.

Pippa considers the Tasmanian context when she builds, from natural materials that will patina well in the elements to those made by a local supplier. For Pippa, finding ways to be sustainable and support local both form instinctive parts of her practice, woven into how she approaches a brief.

In 2020, Pippa won the Tasmanian Emerging Architect Prize, to the surprise of nobody but herself. Recognised by the judges for raising awareness for women’s architecture contributions with the Findlay Project, they described Pippa as an ‘approachable, tenacious practitioner’. Her growing portfolio demonstrates this astute attention to detail and collaborative design approach.

Pippa brings people together. Her busy weekly schedule includes university tutoring, industry meetings and advocacy work with the Architecture Graduate Network (EMAGN) and Australian Institute of Architects Chapter Council (Tas). All this only serves to add fuel to her fire. It seems the more she takes on, the more she achieves.

Pippa Jensen