B.Arch, M.Arch
Hobart Studio

Ronja likes to engage with people, and create spaces that do the same. Spaces that consider the visitor’s experience and trigger emotions. She’d like to see sustainability as a given, like wearing a seatbelt. And - in chilly Tasmania at least - more insulation.

Ronja’s redesign and documentation experience spans government, commercial and tourism sectors, including The Hedberg’s recital hall, and the Freycinet Lodge renewal.

A ‘less is more’ design philosophy permeates Ronja’s work. She always looks carefully at the spacing genuinely needed. 

No matter how ordinary the task, Ronja takes comfort in the fact she’ll always learn something from it. Curious at heart, after work Ronja stokes her creative fire with pottery and photography to bring calmness to a sometimes hectic world. Or she’ll live out her Australian dream and play volleyball or at the beach.

Ronja Scherer