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B.Arch, M.Arch
Registered Architect VIC
Melbourne Studio

Rosella has never thought of architecture as a single person job. She appreciates everyone’s opinion and loves a collaborative environment, where ‘messy ideas’ are transformed into reality. She’s also found a client’s touch and personality irreplaceable in making impactful work.

Rosella began her career working for an architectural firm in Milan focusing on multi-residential projects and social housing with Bruno Egger Mazzoleni. An energetic architect, she takes on as much as possible from her surroundings then distills information into well informed ideas. From bold facades to fine interior details, she likes to experiment in her concepts as much as possible. And in her spare time, when she’s not lost somewhere exploring the world, you’ll likely find Rosella wheeling around the city discovering new places. She’ll either be on her bike, or more recently, on rollerblades. 

With an interest in resilient architecture that can adapt and respond to our changing world, Rosella admires architecture that’s truly timeless, made with minimal waste and recycled materials. She felt this acutely during a visit to Budapest. Rosella was impressed by the fusion of classical decadence with change, and the way people took over spaces, creating meeting points and bars out of what was essentially trash. She found it an exemplary way to show you don't always need a big budget to make a space amazing.

Rosella isn’t a big believer in design philosophies. Instead she prefers to focus on the environment around her; to always share ideas and knowledge generously. For Rosella, being a good architect is a fine line between being confident and being humble. One we feel she treads with ease.

Rosella Sciurti

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