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B.ArchDes, M.Arch
Hobart Studio

Roz’s practice leans on the emotive, not the purely practical. She believes a project’s aspiration is just as important as its function. Every building not only serves its occupants but takes its place within a greater site, context and community. Roz doesn’t like excess in her life or her work. She’ll always try to incorporate honestly made materials into her designs, avoiding imitation wherever possible. 

An international practitioner, Roz hails from the Philippines and lived in Zurich after graduating from the University of Melbourne. Roz is particularly experienced in medium-to-large scale cultural, public or institutional builds. In 2018, she worked on Hobart’s Hedberg performing arts complex in collaboration with Theatre Royal and the State and University of Tasmania. It’s a project that’s left her with greater stamina and a deeper appreciation for a complex building’s ‘back of house’.

Roz’s creative talents are many and varied. She’s been a producer for an independent short film and designed and made her own furniture. When work is done, she might be found at the potter’s wheel or hiking in the mountains.

Roz is intrigued by the idea of changeable architecture, adapting with use, over time or with the seasons. A visit to Peter Zumthor’s Therme Vals in the depths of winter intrigued her, not just for the moody labyrinthine interiors, but because you might experience it completely differently in the Swiss Alps summer.

Roz Bermudez

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