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Director /
Principal Architect

B.EnvDes, B.Arch (Hons)
Registered Architect TAS
Launceston Studio

He started with skate ramps, hand-sewn clothing and share house furniture. But the art of making still drives co-founder Todd’s practice today.

Todd is practical and inquisitive. He understands how things work and why they exist. This draws him away from design for the sake of design, in favour of buildability and performance.

A well-recognised architect in both the Tasmanian and broader community, Todd has worked on notable projects across residential, commercial, education and hospitality. He was the inaugural winner of the Tasmanian Emerging Architect prize, the Property Council of Australia Future Leader award and is a Graduate of the Tasmanian Leaders Program. 

Todd’s practice interprets modernism, with its strict geometry and lack of ornament, in a functional, natural world context. He’s committed to the use of honest, local materials. In particular he finds timber offers warmth and connection to local culture. And in general, he believes there’s a reason why traditional building materials like brick, timber and steel endure over new materials on the market.

A mentor to many and a friend to more, Todd is often looked to for guidance, support and advice. He knows how to communicate an idea and he gets things done.

After hours, you might find Todd on the basketball court, or roaring for his beloved Richmond Tigers (especially, we’re contractually obliged to state, when they won the 2017, 2019 and 2020 premierships).

Todd Henderson

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