CAD Technician

B.Eng (Hons)
Launceston Studio

Ulrike graduated with honours in Aerospace Engineering from Swansea University in Wales. As a Computer-aided Design (CAD) technician in Cumulus’ Launceston office, she collaborates with our design teams to bring together modelling, drafting, and documentation for our diverse range of projects.

Her interest in sustainable building processes, town planning, and materials complements Ulrike’s close work Cumulus’ Environmental Management Systems (EMS) team, focusing on research, planning, material assessment, and the continued reduction of our studio’s environmental impact.

Although her engineering knowledge grounds Ulrike’s work at Cumulus, it is her keen eye for purposeful and practical design that adds a valuable perspective to our studio. Her views on using low impact materials and sustainable design approaches complements her passion for promoting increased connection between communities, the built environment, and the natural ecosystems that surround them.

Ulrike Penu