We pledge never to own a style. Rather we promise always to create unique and exceptional design that is empathetic of its surrounds and understood by the very people it’s created for. At Cumulus, we do this from the minds, ideas and passion of many.


With offices in Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, and Adelaide operating as a single entity it ensures a collaborative and realised response to all projects. From ideation through to revision, we use our collective resources to form, critique, and test new ideas, drawing inspiration from our environment to inform our decisions. 

From renovations to large-scale urban projects, we collaborate with clients, stakeholders, and communities to gain a greater understanding of the brief, ensuring all projects are affordable, sustainable, and liveable. Through this exploration by collaboration, we can create spaces that respond and contribute to our environment, leaving lasting positive legacies.


Cumulus was formed out of the idea that collective vision leads to richer, more diverse and creatively interesting experiences.

We believe that neither people nor design should be squeezed into a typology or identity.



State Government Pre-qualification
Registered Building Practitioner



Destination Southern Tasmania
Brand Tasmania
Launceston Chamber of Commerce
Tourism Industry Council Tasmania
Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Association of Consulting Architects
Property Council of Australia
Australian Institute of Architects