How we work

Cumulus approaches every new project with a fresh perspective.


We consider a design’s intent, its connection with the surrounding landscape, its interaction with the community.


We place people within the initial concept — how they will feel, connect, and remember the space. We maintain open and collaborative conversations with clients throughout a project’s lifespan, allowing us to explore a design’s possibilities, find new solutions, and quickly respond to changes and challenges.

What we bring

Residential, Commercial, Public, Social Housing. Regardless of the project, Cumulus offers full architectural services ranging from master planning, initial site assessment and concept design, through to interior design, and post occupancy evaluation. 


With teams located around Australia, Cumulus works as a single entity, giving our studio the flexibility and capacity to take on small, medium and large-scale projects. Anywhere.

Responsible, sustainable

Our approach to creating environmentally and socially sustainable design is based on careful research, planning, material assessment, and the continued education of our team — knowledge and perspectives that we pass on to clients and collaborators.


We complement this with our local network of suppliers and contractors, who all meet our environmental and social sustainability requirements.

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