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Cumulus Celebrates 9 years

29 Nov 2020

Cumulus was born to be different and our name was to provide a mandate for the way in which our studio would be run. We wanted it to be a collective coming together of ideas from a collective of empowered and respected individuals.

In 2011 founders Peter, Todd, Keith and Kylee established the studio, they bring together unique perspectives on the role of architecture – combining a love of boundary pushing design with an appreciation for form and function. Cumulus was never to express a singular identity. It was to be a compiling and an accumulation of ideas, people, passion and experience unified by a love of thoughtful and responsive design. It was a brand built to be empowering. A brand under which employees would be given the autonomy to act as the passionate experts they are. Director Todd Henderson elaborates “I love that we have become exactly what we envisaged way back in 2011, A fully collaborative team all working towards creating great spaces for people”.

Over the years at Cumulus Studio we have stayed true to these goals, and believe it is shown in the unique and varied projects our team has created. “One of the great things about Cumulus is the diversity of work we have underway at any one time. Starting off as a small business in Tasmania, Cumulus needed to be nimble and open to all sorts of project opportunities – approaching each with equal care and always striving for good design outcomes. As we have grown, so have the types, scales and budgets of work we do.” Director, Keith Westbrook explains “From week to week our teams work on all sorts of projects, from feasibility and master planning for ambitious projects, to tourism projects such as visitor centres and hotels, to the design of new homes and modest extensions, through to large scale commercial and residential developments. As Cumulus has continued to grow, we have also continued to build upon our team of talented people who contribute to this diverse work through varying areas of expertise, design interest, and project experience.”

Our team has grown to 30 architects, designers, planners and design enthusiasts collaborating to create spaces people love. Based across studios in Launceston, Hobart, Melbourne and Adelaide our teams work together to create buildings, master plans and spaces of character and personality.

Just like our people – our projects are unique. We believe the Cumulus brand is the creative output of our people, their expertise and their passion for brilliant design. When these elements combine, ideas expand, grow and catalyse in an infinite number of ways. Domino effects happen and you get a dynamism that ensures all design is truly unique and the product of a distinct Cumulus of thought. This we call the Cumulus effect – a distinct way of working between our team members and our clients which ensures all design benefits from the minds of many.

Looking back over the last nine years there have been some incredible moments and Director Kylee Scott reflects, “Nine years have both flown by and felt like a lifetime! I am so grateful to work with such a supportive, talented team of people and to all of our clients for offering us the opportunity to work on such unique, interesting projects.”

Todd adds “Seeing our team grow in experience and confidence and achieve great things has been the biggest highlight for me, for example Pippa winning emerging architect in 2020 and Keith being accepted into the 2020 Dulux Study Tour. Along with meeting so many great clients who have gone on to become great friends, and of course opening the Melbourne and Adelaide offices.”

Where to next for the Cumulus team? With the addition of new team members as the team continues to grow and the launch of a new website and branding in the coming months you will see Cumulus continue to evolve. Director Pete Walker talks about the team’s achievements in 2020 “This year has been one of the toughest in our 9 years. However it has been highly rewarding with the completion of the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre, state awards for Stillwater Seven and Symmons Plains, recognition for the Protagonist at the National Architecture Awards and recognition at an international level with Architizer naming us as one of 10 practices to watch.” Pete continues “However most rewarding for me has been some of the design conversations with our team about upcoming projects – being challenged and inspired by their thinking. Gotta say, next year looks good!” We are looking forward to seeing all the hard work in 2020 be realised in 2021.

We are incredibly proud of everything the Cumulus Studio team has been able to achieve over the last nine years. We are grateful for all the clients, contractors, collaborators, past and present team members as without all of you we wouldn’t be where we are today. We cannot wait to see how the next decade unfolds for us, but we know one thing is for sure and that is there is no one Cumulus.

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