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Green Square Design Competition

16 June 2014

Today the short listed entries for the Green Square, Gunyama Park and Aquatic Centre Design Competition were announced. Whilst we are disappointed not to be on the shortlist (the judges obviously made a mistake) we extend congratulations to those teams that are going forward.

To follow is an extract from our entry outlining the design concept:

“The aquatic centre is the eureka moment, in both formal expression and practice. The aquatic centre is envisaged as the displaced water resulting from a new raised outdoor pool. Conceptually, the infinite edge of the beach edge is wrapped over the urban indoor pool with water displaced (through the pools use) overflowing and running down the side of the building creating the enclosure for the spaces underneath. The theatrical and social nature of bathing is explored by elevating the outdoor pool and placing it in the prime position on the site with views to the boulevards and public spaces of Green Square. This creates a completely unique bathing experience (evocative of the urban roof bar, regional community pools, and the Bondi Beach’s baths) and provides the users with a new perspective on public life in the city.”

A big thanks also to Sixth Law who provided the visualization for the ‘hero’ shot above.

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