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Introducing Jonas Nutter

15 July 2021

Jonas joined our Melbourne studio in mid 2021, as well as working at Cumulus Jonas is completing his Masters of Architecture at RMIT. While this combination creates a chaotic life, it has given Jonas the opportunity to completely submerge into the world of architecture. During this chapter of studies Jonas has been forced to break through his comfort zone and completely disrupted his prior experience of architecture and design.

Before moving to Melbourne Jonas was studying his undergraduate in Brisbane, during that time he gained experience at two architectural firms.

Jonas describes his approach to design as having a sensibility towards incorporating outdoor spaces as an extension of interior experiences, celebrating the Australian Environment that characterises our unique Australian identity and permits outdoor living. Even in his childhood days Jonas was aware of positive spaces and the experience these spaces allowed for. When he began his studies and career it was this ‘experience’ that he focused on exploring. Experiential architecture is something he wishes to further develop and one day create as a designer. Inciting deep emotional responses and activating social and cultural empowerment through the provision of architecture is Jonas’ main goal which is aligned to the Cumulus values and why he has been the perfect addition to our team.

With a love of being in nature, particularly the ocean when Jonas isn’t working or studying you can find him exploring the environment around him. Currently he has been motivated to explore Melbourne’s urban environment as it is completely new to him, and exciting in terms of the urban culture and architecture. He is looking forward to exploring more of the rugged Victorian coastal environment as it provides a vast difference to his coastal upbringing.

During his childhood Jonas grew up on a semi-remote island off the east coast of Australia which gave him a deep appreciation of how important our natural landscape is and the opportunity it creates in relation to provision of space. Jonas believes that this upbringing holds a real presence in a lot of his work today, constantly seeking opportunities to expand architectural spaces through the surround landscape and natural or urban environment.

We are enjoying Jonas’ positive approach to life in the Cumulus studio, he brings smiles to the faces of his team each day and brings a fresh perspective to our designs.

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