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Introducing Our New Designer Xinyi

21 Mar 2022

Collaborating with our teams from his base in Sydney, Xinyi adds another distinct perspective to our studio having previously worked as a designer for firms in Japan, China, Europe, and Australia.

Xinyi’s experience has allowed him to work on projects of varying scales across most sectors, including the Science and Technology Museum in Shenzhen, the Sydney Football Stadium, the STH BNK skyscraper in Melbourne, and a conceptual pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Hyde Park.
For Xinyi, his constant exposure to vastly different contexts during his career has continued to push and shape his approach to design, allowing him to explore a project’s possibilities that help him create deeply considered spaces.

Often, he’ll find himself completely immersed in a brief, researching beyond the project’s physical site and landscape, seeking out less obvious elements that can impact a design, such as the culture of a place, its history, and local stories. By finding these meaningful connections around the project and context, Xinyi is able to form a unique understanding and response, clearly communicating these to clients through expressive designs.

Beyond his project work, Xinyi’s conceptual designs and art installations have been internationally recognised, winning first place at Portugal’s POLDRA in 2021, the CREA TALENTS Committee Award for the Huailai Wine Culture Centre in China, and the top prize at MONA’s Renaissance of the Metaverse digital competition.

Xinyi graduated with a Master of Architecture from the University of Western Australia, where he was also made a graduate ambassador. Outside of the office, Xinyi teaches Architecture Technology as a tutor at the University of Sydney.

We’re excited to have Xinyi as part of our growing design team, welcome!

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