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Meet Claudia Reinhardt

24 Aug 2021

Claudia studied Interior Design at Queensland University of Technology graduating in 2015. While studying she worked at Bureau Proberts and once Claudia graduated she began working at Deicke Richards followed by Fender Katsalidis in Melbourne. During this time Claudia has achieved experience across a variety of industries, working on everything from aged care, hotels, private residential, offices, schools, universities and even an airport tower.

The diversity of her work has allowed Claudia to become a chameleon, bending and sifting, creating with many briefs, clients, and end users. She has a love of space of all sorts; the space in between, small spaces, expanded spaces, dark spaces, reflections of light distorting spaces. Claudia likes to inject an element of play with space and making sure unusual curiosities arise.

Claudia approaches design through the physical and non-physical. Considering how the body moves through a space evoking both an outer response and an inner response. Design is an incredible tool to create something that leaves a lasting impression upon anyone who encounters the space.

When reflecting on why Claudia chose to enter this field she explains “I felt it was a way to apply a creative framework to something tangible and potentially significant and impactful to people’s lives. I am inspired by considered and thoughtful design, that reflects the place. I like spaces that make the person feel comfortable and welcomed.

In her spare time Claudia enjoys painting, drawing, writing and taking photos. Always looking for new experiences in nature, both by walking in the bush and swimming in the ocean, Claudia has also completed her yoga teacher training. Her love of exploring the world has led her to spending ample time in both India and Europe. These experiences have shaped and expanded Claudia’s understanding of the built environment and how humans interact with space along with her learnings during her yoga training informs the way she approaches design.

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