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Cradle Mountain Gateway Precinct Officially Opens

14 June 2020

With Covid-19 restrictions slowly lifting and Tasmania’s National Parks reopening to the public, the new Cradle Mountain Gateway Precinct has officially been declared open.

At a press conference on site today, Minister for Environment and Parks, Roger Jaensch, welcomed visitors from around the state, describing the project as a key pillar in delivering a long term sustainable future for Cradle Mountain.

The new Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre and Gateway Precinct, represents the first stage of the Cradle Mountain Master Plan developed by Cumulus Studio and tourism strategists Inspired by Marketing in 2016.

Designed in collaboration with landscape architects Playstreet, the new precinct includes a visitor centre, orientation building, commercial services base, cafe, and coach transit centre. The geometric exterior draws from the surrounding geology, with folded forms inspired by the dolerite features of Tasmania’s Central Highlands. This geometry is carried into the cave-like timber interiors, creating calming, intimate spaces of gathering and orientation. Functionally, the buildings operate as a terminal, welcoming in new visitors and directing them on to their chosen adventure within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

The Gateway Precinct was constructed by Tasmanian builders, Fairbrother, who diligently worked through challenging Winter months of heavy rain, mud and snow.

Additional project partners that were critical to the success of this milestone Tasmanian tourism project include Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, Inspired by Marketing, Playstreet, Futago, WT Partnership, ERA Planning, Creative Hat Interpretation, Alex Miles, Cova Thinking, Aldanmark, Pitt & Sherry, Green Building Surveying, Green Design Group, Stantec, Cohen & Associates and Noise Vibration Consulting.

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